I love dogs! I am starting this blog to share cute n funny pics of dogs! Dogs have so many cute and funny expressions that need to be shared with the world! Also, people tend to dress up some of their dogs in hilarious clothes n costumes!!!

My family has always had many pets. Growing up in mini-Mexico (a small city in CA), the size of our backyard limited the number of pets we had. We always seemed to adopt or buy very free-spirited animals. Two pit bulls we owned ran away. After owning those two dogs, we found a cute mutt. For some reason, we kept naming each of our dogs, “Bruno.”

While Bruno the III slept in our backyard, we took in two Chihuahuas that we named…you guessed it, Bruno. J/k, we named them Milo and Molly. They had babies which we gave away to family members. I will one day show you pictures of their children, Speedy n I forget the others’ names. Salchicha was the only one of their offspring that we kept. We called her Chicha. I looooved her and she loooooved me. Unfortunately, Milo, Molly, and Chicha did not take to potty training too well so we had to make them a home in our backyard. We loved all of these dogs but they now are no longer with us.

Juana, part lab, part mutt is now one of our beloved pets (sometimes I don’t feel too much love for the chickens that poop all over our family’s yard. Yuck.). I will introduce you to some of these pets on this blog.Β  My parents practically have a zoo in the backyard.

Please share your cute pics of dogs (or other cute stuff) w/me n i will post! Send to manydogslol[at]yahoo.com! Hope to hear from you soon!